"It should be a sacred day for you when one of your people dies – a sacred day, when a soul is released and returns to its home."

- Black Elk -

End-Of-Life Transition Guide

As an End-of-Life Transition Guide, there are multiple roles I perform for the one dying as well as their family and friends.

An End-of-Life Transition Guide:

  • Accompanies a dying person and his or her family and friends through the spiritually transformative experience of dying.
  • Educates the dying and their family about what to expect throughout the process, based on a unique understanding of the mysteries of death and the dying process.
  • Educates and guides in funeral planning so you can create meaningful ceremonies while getting your best value. 
  • Supports the dying person and their loved ones on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, helping to bring dignity and peace back into the dying process. 
  • Develops an intimate, soul-level connection to guide you and facilitate a gentle unraveling of your life. Candid conversations encourage life review and personal reflection to assist you? in making peace with your life.
  • Guides you in creating a Transition Plan: a plan to take care of unfinished business, make peace with your life, and communicate how you would like to spend your time as well as the level of support you would like your final months, days and hours.
  • Uses various techniques such as meditation, focused breathing, music, energy work, and aromatherapy to balance, support and release energy blockages in your energy field. This creates a sense of relaxation and peace, which may lessen reliance on medication for pain and anxiety.
  • Teaches self-healing practices for use between visits to empower mastery over suffering.

Disclaimer: Please note that the End-of-Life Transition Guide practice is not a medically based practice. My nursing experience and my spiritual wisdom guides my practice. I provide emotional and spiritual support to improve quality of life. This service is a supplement to -- and is not meant to replace -- traditional medical and/or hospice care.

"Death is an intimate and sacred process. It is best done in its own time, in a tranquil and peaceful way and should be at best, a final honouring of a life well lived."

- Felicity Warner, A Safe Journey Home -

Holding Hands

How This Service Is Provided

The focus of my work is with the dying loved one, but my services include the immediate family as I recognize the entire family as an integrated whole, journeying through the dying process together.

My professional and personal experiences with those near the end of life has lead me to several conclusions that guide my work. I believe that our bodies know how to die; this is a very natural event. However, our minds, egos and soul have their own agendas in this process. The majority of the suffering experienced as death approaches is rooted in these agendas. Most people will agree that we come into this lifetime to learn lessons. It is through our mind, ego and soul that we learn these life lessons. Suffering increases when we have not yet completed these lessons, when we have not finished the business of our life.

 I work with a variety of healing techniques; some are passive and relaxing, while others require your participation. Your input is primary as we collaborate to create your treatment plan.

Services are performed in homes, hospitals and nursing facilities. I travel to you. Some energetic and healing modalities are performed remotely. Visits are generally one hour in length. My work is highly individualized and flexible, adapting to your needs in the moment. The frequency of visits and practices used are determined by each individual and varies over time.

The Pre-Active Dying Stage

Depending on the prognosis of the dying, this process might begin as much as one year before death. The focus of the activities will vary with the different stages. For example, at this stage (Pre-Active Dying), activities would include:

  • active planning (to-do lists)
  • a life review process
  • assisting with comfort (companionship, pain relief, education) and spiritual support (working with unhealed emotional or relationship issues)
  • supporting beliefs and wishes to be carried out
  • healing soul wounds/trauma

The Active Dying Stage

In the active dying phase (the last week until death), the care would become more therapeutic and holistic, involving:

  • focusing on educating and supporting the family on expectations
  • advocating to fulfill the wishes previously expressed by the dying individual
  • creating a soothing environment
  • using modalities to assist the soul’s departure from the body.

At this time, the frequency and/or length of visits will most likely increase.


Pricing is highly individualized because you cannot predict the dying process nor make it conform to a standard format. I have packages available as a place to begin and each can be tailored to suit your needs. Please contact me for a complementary 30-minute phone consultation where we can discuss your needs. Then I can give you a quote based on your specific circumstances and desires.