A Home Funeral Guide

As a Home Funeral Guide, there are specific duties and responsibilities I provide. A Home Funeral Guide:

  • Informs families of funeral choices and options in accordance with local laws.
  • Guides the dying individual and their family in the planning and coordinating a home funeral.
  • Guides in filing a death certificate and obtaining transportation permits (if needed).
  • Empowers family and friends to create a truly meaningful after-death experience, respecting your choices and needs and honoring diverse traditions.
  • Provides practical and logistical guidance.
  • Instructs and demonstrates: creating sacred vigil space, preparing the body by bathing, dressing and laying out for visitation, moving the body, maintaining the integrity of the body (such as cooling techniques).
  • Guides the family in creating and carrying out after-death rituals or ceremonies. This can include blessing and anointing ceremonies, providing scented bathing waters, aromatherapy, and offering options for music and readings.
  • May lead or support the family in ceremonies. I am an ordained minister and can provide this service if you desire.
  • Provides spiritual care to the deceased and their families; supports the family through the transition; bears witness to the deceased and the grieving process.

Disclaimer: I am not a funeral director. I do not personally provide care for the deceased. I provide education, practical guidance and spiritual support for the family. My goal is to assist your family in creating a meaningful and healing after-death experience. 

"Dying is an opportunity to uncover what is hidden. To see the sacred is to gradually remove the obscurations, the perceptions that block our capacity to recognize the truth of what was always present. Dying is at its heart a sacred act. It is a time, a space, and a process of surrender and transformation."

- Frank Ostaeski, Founder of the Zen Hospice Project -

How This Service Is Provided

In order to facilitate a smooth and peaceful experience, we must have a consultation prior to the time of death to allow for proper planning, education and coordination of services.

Home funeral guidance can occur simultaneously with end-of-life transition guidance or independently. A family may wish a consultation or two for guidance in the home funeral process, then perform the funeral independently. Guidance can include planning, coordinating services, assigning tasks, creating ceremony and ritual, and logistical and legal considerations regarding handling of their deceased loved one. The degree of assistance and support is completely up to you.

Consultations are conducted in your home as it is helpful to see the layout of the home to be able to provide tailored guidance. Depending on your specific needs, this consultation will last between 1-2 hours. During the consultation we will determine exactly what your needs are and what specific assistance you want from me. Pricing for my service package will be based on the complexity of needs and distance traveled.


Consultation are performed at the rate of $100/hour, not to exceed $200.

Please note: Some services will require extended time. Pricing for my service packages will be based on the complexity of needs and distance traveled.  These services include: preparing the body, conducting ceremonies, and holding a vigil. Your needs and my per-service fee will be discussed and arranged prior to rendering services.

To request a consultation, please contact me at  or 913-961-3796. Please be prepared to share information regarding your circumstances and the how I can assist you. I will contact you to schedule a visit.