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A service for those seeking an alternative to the conventional death and dying experience. I am Ginny Farney, Certified Death Midwife, End-of-Life Transition Guide, and Home Funeral Guide. I provide practical guidance as well as emotional and spiritual support for you and your loved ones as you near the end of your life.

"We believe there are alternatives to the traditional approaches toward death and dying. We think you should know about them."

- Angie Buchanan, Death Midwife -

Transition Guide

"It is my mission to help you accept your life for what it has been (the joys and the sorrows), to make amends where needed, to express gratitude and love to those who have helped you along your way, to reach a level of acceptance and completion that allows you to be in control of your waning days, and to surrender peacefully, without fear, when your time arrives."
- Ginny Farney, The Passing Wisdom Founder

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About Ginny 

Ginny Farney is an experienced registered nurse, hospice care-giver, spiritual healer and ordained minister. She founded The Passing Wisdom to "ease the fear and support a more conscious experience with death and dying." Seeking to develop a personal connection with her clients beyond what traditional hospice care allows, she creates a sacred space for the dying, while also supporting their loved ones.

Passing Wisdom's Founder

Easing The Passage

As a society, we have forgotten how to honor the dying individual and the dying process. Traditional cultures throughout history have regarded death as an important rite of passage, an initiation, a journey across a spiritual threshold. This concept is often referred to as a conscious death today. Working alongside medical and hospice professionals, I draw upon these ancient skills and traditions, using them to ease the passage of those who are dying and to support those who love them.

Caring for those you love is natural. You have supported your loved one throughout their life as well as during their decline. A home funeral allows you to continue to provide loving care rather than turning your loved one over to strangers in the funeral industry. There is great wisdom and healing to be found in the rituals and ceremonies of caring for your own dead.

Death is a natural, beautiful, and -- believe it or not -- healing process. I am the objective, knowledgeable, and compassionate guide to help you (and your family) navigate this time of transition and finality. The end of life is a sacred time which can be filled with love and healing for the whole family.

Death Midwife

Death Midwives act as counselors, educators, coaches, healers, facilitators and guides -- ALL IN ONE PERSON!

  • Do you wish to have more control over your end-of-life experience?
  • Do you long to know the wisdom found through consciously engaging the mysteries of the dying process?
  • Is it important to continue lovingly caring for your deceased loved one as you have throughout their final days?
  • Do you desire personalized, meaningful after-death care that supports your family’s grieving? 

Then your search is over. It is my greatest honor to facilitate, support, and hold sacred space for the dying process. For over 30 years I have given my heart to this sacred work. I am ready to serve you and your loved ones.